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I'll be making some sort of gain from it

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So, because I am doing OSRS GP slayer now, I'll be making some sort of gain from it. I just needed to understand 1 thing. After buying slayer gear, I have 4 mil left. Even if incentive xp weekend was not here, would there be something that I could buy or merch in P2P? BTW I must kill Lesser Demons right today, so is there something good they fall which I could pick up. Something cool: This is off topic but me and Tcmp were in crimson port clan wars just walking around. I then drifted off and Hunam Safe came and kill me! I'm prob. in his vid now. I'd my gilded helm with me I protected. After that I banked my helm, I went in, and found that Hunam was assaulting Tcmp but Tcmp wasn't attacking! I had nothing on me so I started attacking Hunam so Tcmp might run. He Barraged me then turned back to Tcmp. With about half hp left, I switched to Hunam again, once I was unfrozen, then attacked him . Subsequently Human swore in celebrities. I stored Tcmp and prob. Obtained in his vid. What if I train on? My principal obj is to receive 75 atk, for my bgs, and 80 str. Don't suggest slayer. . . For me anyhow. The whip outperforms the BGS, and if you truly want a weapon update get a CR. Ghouls are fine xp to your level, manageable with only the price of some lobsters, I used to use ghouls prior to slayer. I understand your not asking for a equipment suggestion thread, however, you can also utilize barrows gloves. I got them in your combat level, not quite difficult. The regen brace does hardly anything. And do not say your not doing the quest due to the RS 2107 Gold reqs, I did all the reqs and they were very simple to get.


posted Feb 5 by Sunxuemei

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Google that OSRS gold material if you want more detail. For your amulet, the fury (again, falling in price like bandos) remains generally thought of as the best choice. For the cape, you have got the trimmed skillcape, or the fire cape, or the uber-fire cape that you get out of giving up a fire cape and performing a minigame that is harder than combat caves. It's tough. Very tough. You have to do this quest for the ring I mentioned earlier. It will not look great, however from what I have heard it's good stats. Asking for the ability which makes the most cash is quite vague, and that means you're most likely to get (and have gotten) some realistic replies. I'll give a run of a few abilities you may be interested in (at the ways in which they're trained by most, so it's the most realistic - except for Hunter - jadinkos don't make money afaik but they are quite fast. I gave reddish chinchompas as the benefit earning alternative. Grenwalls are another option and more inclined to earn money but they are a whole lot more immersion intensive and also a lot slower exp/h - similar to runite's relation with Mining). Fishing from 90-99 would make about 46M on Rocktails (I didn't include the purchase price of living minerals, but I'm making an assumption that will be negated with any gains made getting to 90 Fishing), taking about 180-190 hours (again excluding levels before 90, and supposing ~42k exp/h). Mining from 80-99 will make about 60M on golden ore at the Living Rock Caverns and require ~220 hours (supposing 50k exp/h). Hunter from 80-99 would make about 35M on reddish chinchompas and require ~150 hours (supposing 75k exp/h). Ideally the best way is to receive 85 Dungeoneering cheap RS gold and only do frost dragons if you want money, but you will not be considering getting any 99s quickly.