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Unless we are talking about a filter limiting?

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I believe this only strengthens not only the argument for getting an Automod notify potential new posters of the'gentleman's agreement', if not formally separating them. You've got a virtual'desire route' going on where your community has made a decision to segregate the content, don't you feel you need to hear them? These are all growing pains and nothing that can not be sorted out over the years, its one thing to say that no one gets the drive or ability to maintain a filter right now but please don't make it outside to be an impossible feat. I also feel like I'm at a soviet court house and the bailiff was told to shoot the guy who jaywalked, bro you do not have to delete OSRS or phishing posts in this example simply have automod remark on it with info pointing people in the ideal direction.

Unless we are talking about a filter limiting what could be said on the subreddit I am really confused on why anybody would want to skip a filter which provides them with information. If supposedlyy'all attempted to knock some key phrases or complaints being thrown around that sub from time to time then yeah it is a'difficulty' (You men would not be the very first game sub to have it, blink twice if Jagex hasy'all of hostage) for you guys but I do not see a lot of people trying to submit"link - entirely no ph15h guiys" or"I feel this is a de h 1 5 h ing attempt guys" or"look at this cool shed I received on ess are ess" so they do not have a comment on their article out of a bot.

No worries about the grilling issue. I'm just trying to be more thorough in my replies. The email submission filter has been viewed as a low priority fix, and these posts were (and still are) getting caught in different filters, therefore it was deemed unneeded for now. However, the other filters are not specifically designed for those posts, so just part are getting flagged. Once more of those vital tasks are completed, we will look at some of the lower priority ones. It would not require much time to receive a setup set up to begin testing an improved version. Also, the vast majority of subreddit moderation is not visible openly, so while it may appear that we are not doing anything occasionally, there is a great deal that goes on behind the scenes as well as approving/removing posts and comments.

Our concern about filtering in this case isn't whether a person will try to skip this, and that remark was just to further the stage that filters aren't always effective. Maybe mentioning the intentional bypassing was a bit off topic for my prior comment. As mentioned before, the quantity of OSRS-specific articles (not relevant to RS3) submitted here is minimal as is, and they don't amount to a prominent portion of our everyday posts. However, those posts are outnumbered by others which compare or link to both games.

These would probably match the standards additionally to obtain a reply redirecting them to 2007 Runescape when the intention was to post here, which is not ideal because it could be irrelevant to this article topic and likely lead to complaints. Furthermore, if the criteria is too specific, it is improbable that the few articles which are designed to obtain this response will trigger it. It's much easier for a individual to identify these posts and setting it up to work as intended is easier said than done for advantage.

Why are people so toxic to players? Wouldn't the and also max high ranking players want people to play? More people = more money, more upgrades (possibly if more began playing, paying( and demanding it) and more people in Runescape game that will grow the economy and keep Runescape lasting more. Frankly, new players are treated by us when they are labeled as such. Dig up any ribbon folks here actually pile on the service most of the time and where the OP acknowledges themselves fresh.
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posted Jul 31 by Wuyahong

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Similar Questions
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For a time, we used to have an AutoModerator configuration which attempted to filter those articles, so it had been promptly removed, but there were far too many false positives along with posts which weren't filtered. Our reasons for needing to filter these articles were to remove posts which have an abysmal phishing url (potentially putting different users at risk) and removing posts which tried to inquire Jagex because of help related to a hijacking after receiving one of these emails (Rule 7).

We may be able to boost our Account Support Wiki pages by adding information, while mechanically flagging these posts may not be practical. The RuneScape Wiki has some info in regard to these scams in addition to many others which are located inside and out of Runescape. I see, I only find it quite sad to see some content developers post their OSRS themed content or questions on here and get essentially rejected by the sub (who are often clueless about the other OSRS themed subs), although this sub is for both game titles as you stated.

Yes, they have linked to the other sub but sometimes they tend to delete the article here and just keep it. If a reply doesn't work a warning that appears before posting? We all know of the bottom into the OSRS sub at the Partner Subreddits section, but most people who post OSRS only themed articles, do not even appear there, since they did not knew the existence of the 2007 Runescape subreddit and are grateful when the people who comment mention, its getting clear that the base leading to the sub par on the side bar isn't enough. I had believed the phishing one would be hard to execute, props. On filtering many men and women click on matters, phishing urls before thinking 16, I concur.

However, yea about phishing some more action might have to be accepted, these malicious groups are improving their ways to catch unsuspecting victims more and more nowadays. I've even seen some bad attempts to phishing being submitted on this sub that lead to bogus forums and I am glad they've been eliminated before anyone fell victim.

The actual problem with phishing posts may also be the spam that the sub will eventually receive, phishing emails have been sent in a tide to various emails of potential players, let us say like 10 percent of these have a reddit account, they are going to want to warn everyone else of the effort and so there will be several articles looking exactly the same, all which may be oblivious it's been posted earlier. It can eventually find dull. Which then can lead others to dismiss a fictitious clueless player who's asking if it's true or not, that's the reason why I suggested an automatic response of some sort, at least a small warning to take caution or something like that. Additionally thanks for clarifying that the email to forward phishing emails has become over, I knew of the forum thread, but not that they stopped the email.

I'm not sure that sums up the planned message. My remark explains why these two changes haven't been made along with some info that is related. The first being that Runescape is to get its RuneScape community as a whole (not just RS3), and the second being automatic filtering for this kind of post was attempted and found to not be possible to correctly accomplish. We are open to suggestions that would be possible to execute without detracting from the purpose of this subreddit and its community.

I mean, yeah your prior remark lays out just why the communities tips, in your opinion, are poor to the system you've got in place now. If anything the view represented by the OP are far more in line with this'vision' of the subreddit (needing to include the two RS3 and OSRS (which in itself is absurd being they've seperate content, dev teams etc. but thats like my view man)) by stating your articles has a home here but when its regarding anything in specificity to go elsewhere, similar to the way the Reddit FC is/was operate.
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Rather than requesting a community of 234,037 people and using a bot hit your inbox near instantly together:"If you believe you have received a phishing effort please verify sender address (example), domain (example), here are the usual examples (hyperlink ). In case you have received an attempt please report it at (helpful navigation to get to forum post."

In regard to our system"working fine as is," we are aware that it's not ideal, but there isn't always a solution that fulfills issues from all perspectives. Additionally, there are different issues taking up our time, and we're just volunteers, thus we do not always have the time to devote to address a number of those smaller problems. My previous remarks were meant to explain why the problem stands as it currently does for the specific issues mentioned, not explain why things will not change.

The vast majority of users see the subreddits as being independent anyway ( runescape = RS3 and 2007 runescape = OSRS), so this isn't something we've needed to tackle prominently because the quantity of OSRS-related submissions here is minimal. 1 complication with article filtering is it can't be assumed users will always use criteria in a place that will trip a filter since this isn't necessarily the case. AutoModerator filters based on particular standards, so building an accurate list that's only specific to what you are attempting to capture is not always possible.

Some users know how to intentionally bypass filters, making them useless, and when we make a filter overly broad, more articles are filtered than warranted. This creates more frustration for users and much more work for us while we'd like to avoid over-moderating. We might look into attempting to revive a filter to get phishing email inquiries, but that's something for us to talk in private amongst the mod team. The previous filter was not able to accomplish what was wanted at the moment, so it was disabled for the time being. These articles do share an overlap with different filters in our subreddit, therefore some of them are removed for different reasons.

To explain on the previous sentence out of my previous remark, general, this subreddit is for Runescape's community, and as subreddit mods, we would rather our existence be minimal. We don't wish to be in the spotlight for driving community conversation. While a few other subreddits may have an extremely visible mod presence, that is not something we're considering. When we have an important message to get across, that is one matter, but mod posts from us are very infrequent. In short, we believe the subreddit should be the community's voice, not the community's voice led by subreddit mods.

I don't think anyone in any capacity anticipates a plug and play solution nor anticipates anyone in the mod team to break their spine for no pay. Filters require maintenance to properly operate, take spam blockers for e-mail; that's decades of work to make sure that the Nigerian prince doesn't make it to your inbox and hell occasionally it still doesn't work, sometimes my 2FA ends up in spam, but we don't delete a spam filter. I just wish to clarify that I'm not here grilling you in some presser or something simply having a conversation.
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Pressure regulators can be selected based on the size of the pipe in the system. But they're not like on/off valves, more is involved. Sizing a pressure regulator is a bit more difficult than sizing some other types of valves, but it is not all that hard to do. In this article, we will share a guide for selecting the right Filter Regulator 

If the compressed air device has a “flow static” characteristic, then the pressure only needs to be held above the minimum required level at the end of an operation. For example, a cylinder is moved from one position to another to hold a piece in a clamp. In this case, the pressure needs to be adequate only when the clamping action takes place, with minimal flow, not while the cylinder is moving positions.

A “flow static” application is something that requires the minimum pressure to be maintained at the point of use at the same time as peak flow. An example of this might be a cylinder with a constant load that might need to stroke from one position to another in 0.5 second.

For the flow static application, smaller components can be used; it doesn’t matter much what pressure drop occurs in the filter regulator, as long as the proper pressure occurs at the end of the stroke to apply the required force.

For the flow dynamic application, careful design must take place to ensure the combined total of all the pressure drops across the filters, regulator, lubricator, supply hoses and connectors does not allow the pressure to fall below the minimum required pressure at the point of use.

One mistake commonly made is to assume an incorrect average flow per minute and wrongly size the components too small. Consider a flow dynamic load that strokes a cylinder with a volume of 0.1 cubic feet at a pressure of 60 psi, four times per minute at one half second per stroke. This load would consume 0.5 cubic feet of free air per stroke. Operating the cylinder one way 4 times per minute would consume about 2 cubic feet of air in one minute. If an FRL were sized for this flow an excessive pressure drop would occur. It must be sized for the dynamic flow.

The dynamic flow of the cylinder would be the flow rate in the half second operating time. Since the 0.5 cubic feet of free air flows in one half a second, the dynamic flow during the stroke would be 1 cubic foot per second (0.5/.5 second) or 60 cfm. Thus the flow requirement would be much higher, requiring larger components.

Like all compressed air components, each element of the FRL will have a pressure loss characteristic. You first need to know the characteristic of the end used (flow static or flow dynamic), the flow, and the minimum required pressure. Then you must know the minimum input pressure from your compressed air system. Then it is an exercise in mathematics in selecting the components that will result in proper end use pressure. Each component will have a pressure loss curve you can consult to find the pressure loss at your stated flow.

That's all information, if you want to know more information, please visit the professional Filter Regulator manufacturer