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In Genshin Impact, how do players get Genshin Impact Account

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Last year, Genshin Impact was officially released. For a long time, part of miHoYo's open world RPG Genshin Impact has been data mining and leakage. Therefore, the leak will appear before the official release of the content because of its huge popularity. Players will be suspicious of these leaks.

For many players, being able to play the game in their own way in Genshin Impact is a very happy thing. For some leaks, they also showed unhappy emotions. So I think they should make full use of the game time and not waste it. So if you get a Genshin Impact Account in the game, it is a waste of time. Then I want to say that in the game, players can directly purchase the Genshin Impact Starter Account they need on  Because this is a very convenient thing.
posted Apr 14 by Eloisesmith

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