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Customized Toy Rapid Metal Casting Tooling

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About Us
Ares, set up in 2013, is specialized in prototype part, CNC Precision Machining, rapid tooling, die casting, metal pressing service. Our group company has two trading companies and two factories, Ares is a branch of the group company.
At Ares, our super professional services to a wide range of design, prototype, laser rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, 3D printing, metal pressing and also outsourcing survices. We could provide exclusively need for design, development test, tooling or production phase of project or all for our customer. Our company has offices both in Hk and SZ and has a lot of experienced technical worker, precise machines and perfect quality control system.  
At present, we have two factories, They are focus on different machine aspects. Industrial man will be more specialized on produce cnc precision machining part and components of car. The first factory is established in 2001,now is located in Songgang, Maozhou River, Bao鈥檃n, Shenzhen, with 10000 square meters industrial zone, which is close to the airport, adjacent to the Dongguan. The core of our service is product model design,and provide a full range of technical services on model designed.
Gradually developed from a purely hands-making into a mechanized work . Our staff start with few people, but now developed into more than 300 skilled worker team, and imported a modern 5-axis CNC milling from Germany, laser rapid printer from USA, precise CNC machines, Trilinear coordinates measuring instrument and other high-precise equipment.Industrial-Man with super professional services to a wide range of automotive,gifts, electronics, telecommunications, aerospace and other aspects, including automotive annual output more than 50 million,including front and rear bumpers,center control,dashboard.grills,ect.
The second factory was registered in 2015. It is a professional prototype manufacturer with a registered capital of 20 million RMB. There are more than 500 employees, including 260 professional managers and technicians, with 12000 square meters manufacturing facility and 2,000 sqm for the staff canteen and dormitory.
Adhering to the core values of honesty, solidarity, innovation and gratitude, the company adheres to providing customers with "excellent products and sincere service". Basic on service standard of "people-oriented, customer-respected, common pursuit, create future", with excellent professional skills and high professional spirit provide customer superior product.
Prototype, cnc precise machining, rapid tooling, 3D printing, metal pressing, die casting.
We offer professional customized services to a wide range apply of automotive,medical, electronics, telecommunications, aerospace and other aspects.
5-axis CNC milling, 100 CNC machines, 15 sets of EDM machine.
In the past ten years, our customer has come from America, Canada, UK, France, German,Spain, Australia and so on.
DHL锛孎edex锛孶PS global delivery锛?-7 days leadtime. Customized Toy Rapid Metal Casting Tooling
posted Feb 19 by Disanhuoay

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Product Application
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Our Certificate
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Production Market
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Our Service
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3. Confirming the quoted price by you;
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Our advantages:
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4. Quality controlling and managing more strictly
5. Fast Feedback on request from customers
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