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This kinda destroyed all of my motivation to play.

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Its nothing. You're enjoying the game and almost all of your stuff transfers over, such as paid currency AC and SG. The older sport will still be in existence for a while. So enjoy the $FREE.99 content. I simply don't feel like playing until this comes out. Hell maybe not even then. I spent around 200$ since j was really enjoying the game and a lot time becoming all 75's so if I wish to play this I will lose all it. So yeah. Well seeing as I've made a lot of money off of scratches which I can't use and you can not transfer meseta, id say I have been ripped off. What can you expect them to release a 50 min read on what's gonna transfer lol? That can be an overhaul not a brand-new game it's clear that they called it an UPDATE! This may be a silly question but is this coming to Xbox? I suppose so but I only saw ps4 and pc about the Japanese trailer. Essentially, if you like said things, then keep them . If there are other items that you want, look at selling to purchase other items. Even though you've got a thousand Meseta so may as well keep them. I kinda appreciate that PSO2 is getting a"A Realm Reborn" level update, at Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the same time that FFXIV is reworking it is ARR to become more user-friendly. So in reality, this is a brand new game that shares characters and their cosmetics. I wonder how weapons/units will stack up between the games. The indication you will not have the ability to equip some till you reach a certain level usually means that equipment you earn in PSO2 will probably be applicable to NGS, at least at the first phases of the match. Am playing in UK with no problems. In the event you want in sport purchases with real cash it's a pain but aside from that not region locked at all. Everyone's upset their"progress" won't move over, but nobody seems to understand that NGS is a wholly different game mode out of PSO2 as we currently know it. They likely aren't. This is similar to being upset that your Xenoblade Chronicles progress doesn't transfer over to Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They have similar combat systems with comparable leveling mechanics, but they are not the same. That comparison holds true involving PSO2 and NGS. What you're whining about is entirely unrealistic. And, if you are so much of a PSO2 purist that you'll simply refuse to play NGS, nice, do not. You are still getting a complete graphical overhaul of cheap PSO2 Meseta the primary game, which alone is sufficient to get excited about. You are behaving like that may supercede PSO2 in every way and the present PSO2 will only die. The original PSO2 is getting a full engine rework and graphic overhaul, it couldn't be farther from being dead. What more do you desire?
posted Mar 8 by Dingbest

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I don't know this type of mindset. Do you play with these game since they are fun to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta playwith? Or do you play them with the concept that it's just"worth it" if these 100s of hours are carried over like it's some type of investment? I read stuff online like this all of the time and it is so odd to me. It's a brand new game that brings new experiences to be appreciated. NG being declared does not somehow negate the pleasure of now playing PSO2. NG is supposed to come out in 2021, which could be over a year from today. That is so much time to relish PSO2. Ummm we only got the game in NA a number of us did not play JPN servers this whole time and now we are being told any progress we make from the variant we just got is going to be for nothing if you would like to play the new game. A number of us are also spending some money in this type of the game. They need to have just never published this current variant in NA and just waited until 2021 for this particular one. I'd have never even started playing if I understood a brand new variant of a live service match was coming out. This is the reason Sega is a third party dev today instead of hardware maker. They seriously take you step forward and 2 steps back all of the time and it is frustrating. The life span for NA is starting so it will not make sense at all. What's the intention of this game? This is key details. I mean, for a lot of us this game is just a quick log in, 5 min every day, and then lobby idle until UQ, so that (maybe not ) new sport won't really interfere with what a few of us are already doing lol I like this game enough that I will probably keep playing with it even after NGS launches, particularly if they're intent on encouraging it until 2022. Also the jury remains out on how cosmetics and other jump things will be managed out of the vague statement. Cosmetics, high quality, and expansions are character bound but we don't know if they'll continue over, but if they do then it won't be a total waste of money. I am very excited for this update. I just don't like our levels will be reset. For somebody who just started this season with NA, like me, it really hinders my desire to keep improving my character in the edition of PSO2 we have now. I do not mind leveling a new personality and whatnot, however when we are keeping weapons and units we actually need to know how they'll be carried over. I would really like to get a couple of can you buy meseta on pso2 good sets of gear to use in the start but it would be... unfortunate should they nerfed a 13 star weapon to a 3 star or something comparable. I really could see a 13 falling to a 12 or 11, maybe even 10 star with valid reasoning and sufficient new gear to locate. However, greater than this would be absurd. And when affixes aren't carried over it puts a hamper on attempting to affix things to be good equipment. Might as well just slap a few decent ones on there for low cost and wait until NG comes out to see how they do affixing in it.
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He listens to every word, phrase and sound bite that you use in meetings. While he's played numerous times in football however, there's numerous things he continues to learn and say mut coins, 'Oh yeah, that's a good way to say , I like that.' So, you can see him grow each day. As a coach, you get happy because you see he's getting better and stacking great days over one another."

WFT players predict their Madden NFL 22 ratings. Madden football is a all-year round favourite of many football enthusiasts. A close friend who works in Bangkok is an Australian man who speaks to me nearly every morning about NFL Football (when we're at the office and are not working remotely). He's extremely well-versed in the game and is extremely engaged in the game. When he first started talking to me about it five or 6 years back.

I asked him how the game got him interested in the sport. He said that he'd been hooked by playing Madden. Although he grew up without clue about the sport in Oz The video game enticed him and was also the catalyst for him to become interested in how and why offenses and defenses work. He eagerly awaits the most current Madden version each year, and is eager to get it as soon as it is available.

It's plausible to conclude that the popularity of England's football is because of Madden NFL's presence in the U.K. This goes in the past several years. Since the last few time, the enthusiasm for the NFL has increased. When Odell Beckham Jr. visited the United Kingdom in the offseason, a few years in the past buy Madden nfl 22 coins, he was met by massive crowds of fans wherever his travels took him. His appearance on the Madden cover in 2015 (Madden NFL 16) is probably not a result of his status as an international sports icon.